Facility Monitoring – Sunset Q&A

Controlant has officially sunset its Facility Monitoring devices and platform on October 19, 2023.
As the end-of-life date has already passed, customers can no longer log in or export data via the user interface.

You may find general information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Facility Monitoring sunset on this page.

Should you have more questions regarding the FM sunset, please contact us at sunsetFM@controlant.com.
For all support requests such as troubleshooting, recalibration, replacements, etc., please continue contacting: support@controlant.com.  

General information about the sunset

On 19 October 2023, 11:59 pm UTC, the Controlant FM devices and solution will cease to operate. This includes access to the FMv2 and GRP UIs. Customers will no longer be able to log in or export data via the user interface. Following this date, customers are encouraged to send their FM devices back to Controlant for safe disposal within three months.

In a previous notification, Controlant announced the sunset to be on 31 December 2023. However, the sunset has been pushed forward to 19 October 2023 due to the end-of-support of an old system that belongs to our database service provider. This does not affect the integrity or security of already recorded data, but it will not be possible for the solution to operate normally with the database service changes.

Controlant decided to sunset the solutions for several reasons:

  • Telecommunication companies worldwide plan to turn off 2G and 3G mobile networks in the coming months and years. The gateways would become unable to work without these networks.  

  • Obsolete technology in the devices makes it difficult and costly to produce and maintain the solutions. 

  • COVID-19-related projects that Controlant is involved with have required a substantial allocation of resources and will continue to do so in the nearest future. 

Controlant does not have plans for a new facility monitoring solution to take over after the sunset of the current facility monitoring solution. Customers are encouraged to seek out other providers as soon as possible. 

Usage and support during the sunset (until 19 October 2023)

How long will we be able to log in to the interface? 
After 19 October 2023, 11:59 pm UTC, customers will no longer be able to log in or export data via the user interface.

What kind of support is available during the sunset?
Controlant is committed to maintaining and supporting its Facility Monitoring solution during sunset. Devices are available for re-calibration and maintenance. Supply of hardware will, however, will be limited.
Please note that the functioning of the solution is based on 2G or 3G network availability.

Can we still get the devices recalibrated during the sunset?
Yes, Controlant will recalibrate devices until 19 October 2023.

Can we request replacement devices during the sunset?
Yes, Controlant can provide devices for maintenance and replacement. The delivery time is expected to be up to 8 weeks.

Support after the sunset (after 19 October 2023)


Do we need to return the devices we currently use?
Yes, please return all devices for safe disposal. Alternatively, you may dispose of the devices locally as electronic waste.

Will as-found calibration on the loggers be provided after the sunset?
Controlant will be able to provide as-found calibration if devices are returned within 3 months from sunset, given 2G/3G availability in Iceland. To order as-found calibration on the returned devices, please use the usual channels of communication.

Data delivery, data export

What will happen to the collected measurement data after the sunset?
To enable our customers to fulfill their data retention requirements, Controlant will be able to provide a data export that will include up to 7 years of data (depending on the contract).

How can we get access to our collected data?
To receive a copy of your data package, please send a request to sunsetFM@controlant.com before 1 October 2023. Please make sure to include contact information for the person receiving the data package (account name, contact name, position, email, and cell phone number).
Following the sunset, Controlant will start preparing data exports in a data package for valid requests that have been received. This process will take up to 12 weeks, and all requests will be processed and delivered before 19 January 2024.

What if we need access to data before getting the data package?
Requests for prioritized delivery before the deadline of 19 January 2024 will be handled on a limited, case-by-case basis. We encourage you to notify us as soon as possible about these requests.

For further information about the data delivery and export process, please refer to the email communications sent out to all account owners on 19 July 2023.