User guidelines for global connectivity incident September 15th

As the global connectivity has been restored, please refer to the below guidelines.

Please note that while the devices were unable to upload data to the Cloud in real-time during this global connectivity issue, they have still been storing all data in their internal memory as usual.
Also note that any temperature deviations that may have occurred during this time have still been registered by the devices. When a temperature excursion is registered by a device paired with an active shipment in our system, a bell icon is visible in the top right corner of the display.

Shipping Sites
Proceed as normal. Devices will be activated as per your usual start method. Since connectivity has now been restored, the loggers will upload data to the Cloud at their next wake-up.

Receiving Sites

  1. For shipments delivered during the outage, please log into the Supply Chain Monitoring platform and perform manual delivery. Alternatively, contact our Support team and request for your shipment to be delivered in our system at a specified timestamp.

  2. For shipments delivered from now onwards, please proceed as normal. Your shipment will be automatically delivered in our system as per the usual stop method.

Short shipments shipped AND delivered during the outage
Please log into the Supply Chain Monitoring platform and manually start and stop the shipment at the appropriate timestamps. All data stored in the logger(s) will then become available for the shipment at the next wake-up of the logger(s). In order to speed up this process, you can perform a manual upload to retrieve the data as instructed HERE.

If any assistance is needed, do not hesitate to contact our Support team .

Manual Instructions: